About The Creator

Planet Blortland arose in the mind of an innocent and hopeful child, a girl who treasured her own spirit. Although she is now an adult, her child self remains in full bloom.

Diana Kaaha, known as the "Blort Lady," grew up in Northern California in a large family which was often in turmoil. Her disturbing experiences led her to dream again and again of a safe planet where such things could not happen, and at age 14 she began drawing, sewing, and sharing her comforting Blortland companions.

As the years passed, even though Diana's need for escape grew less, her exploration and love of the planet continued to steadily evolve. More than twenty years have slipped by since the first Cloud Blorts appeared to tenderly offer Diana refuge. The simple planet they came from is now so lushly detailed and complex that it may rival your knowledge of earth. For the first time, the Planet Blortland  web site offers others a significant vision of Diana's sanctuary.

January of 1996, Diana was diagnosed with an advanced case of Hodgkin's Disease, and once again her Blortland creatures reached out to guide her through her healing process. Upon hearing of her situation, Diana set out to make her experiences with chemotherapy as positive as possible. Before long, Diana began visualizing her Blortland creatures creating their magic within her own body. Her doctor was thrilled at her "miraculous" response to chemotherapy, and Diana is waiting for the right time to tell him of her unique brand of complementary visual healing!

"Visit my world, 'Diana invites you,' a world full of whimsy, mystery, innocence, wisdom, hope, and danger. It's a bridge into the future." Until four years ago, Diana worked at the cutting edge of computer publishing and graphics in Silicon Valley. She quit her job to devote herself to developing Planet Blortland full time. "Computer art is finally gaining the respect it deserves," she says with delight. "I created all the art in this website, as well as my Planet Blortland Website, on my computer."

One day soon Blorts will be featured in healing books, star in movies like Toy Story; be available as CD-ROM video games, and offer an alternative to violent Saturday morning cartoons. "I plan to work with a visionary like Steven Spielberg to actualize my goals for Planet Blortland," says Diana. "If that person is you, well, you know how to get in touch with me."


2002 Diana Kaaha